Dual monitor configuration keeps making computer go into power saving mode

hallo. this is my second post, apologies in advance for any errors made. i am not good with computer

when i use a dual monitor configuration, a problem sometimes manifests. my screens’ refresh rate change, if there’s any audio playing it skips, then the computer goes into power saving mode. i cannot turn the computer back on after this and a restart is the only way to get out of this.

i had previously thought this had something to do with the fact i was using two adapters(and HDMI-to-VGA and a DVI-to-VGA adapater) for each screen, but i have managed to replicate the problem without them, so i am at a loss as how to proceed.
it has been suggested to me that this must be an issue with my power supply, however i have not found any solutions on that front.

old post:

i have two CRT monitors that i wish to use in a dual monitor configuration, however my graphics card(an RX550) only has a HDMI and DVI socket. this is an issue since my CRT monitors only have a VGA port, so i resorted to using a HDMI-to-VGA and a DVI-to-VGA adapter for the two monitors.
both adapters work fine on their own, however when both are plugged in, the issue arises:
at first everything seems to be working fine, the monitors are recognized by the OS and i can change their configurations with xrandr.
however after some minutes, the refresh rate the monitors change(which i notice because at this refresh rate one of the monitors exerts an ear shattering noise) and after a few seconds both monitors shut down and enter power saving mode.
i have tested a dual monitor configuration with one of the CRTs in the DVI-to-VGA adapter, and a regular LCD monitor plugged straight into the HDMI port without an adapter, and the issue does not manifest, so i think the problem must have something to do with how the graphics card is handling the two adapters.
i am not sure if this problem has a solution, but i wish to know the it’s cause so i can proceed with thinking of another way to achieve my dual monitor configuration. any help is appreciated. thanks you

It would be great if those cheapo adapters worked as advertised, but if they’re not now they’re never going to no matter what you do.

LCD monitors have been around for decades. My local state college surplus store sells them for very cheap. I’m sure you can find one or two at a thrift / discount store in your area as well.

If you don’t want to / can’t spend the money, there’s also things like FreeCycle where folks give away unwanted items for free. I’ve found perfectly good ones in dumpsters as well :wink:

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i am not sure the adapters are causing the problem by themselves, i think the gpu is getting confused one way or the other with how to handle them. as i wrote they work perfectly on their own.
i am looking for the exact source of the problem because i am not prepared to buy an expensive adapter if i am not certain it will solve this. money is scarce for me at the moment and even the cheap adapter did weigh on my finance

i have found many LCD monitors on the street but i dislike them, i dislike how they look on the outside and i dislike how they show the image. i am very used to the CRTs. LED displays look nice though, one day i am going to save money and buy one.

I understand about liking CRT monitors. I had a 19" CRT flat screen over 20 years ago that weighed 85 lbs. and had a great picture. I must’ve cost at least $800 new, but I found it for free.

contrary to my previous statement, the problem does also happen with only one adapter and a HDMI port without an adapter, it just takes a long time, hours at least.
i have also just managed to get my hands on another CRT monitor. i have tested it alongside my other CRT, and a dual CRT configuration(using the HDMI-to-VGA and the DVI-to-VGA adapters), also seems to work for a long time before the problem manifests.

i have also discovered that it’s not just the monitors that go into power saving mode, the whole computer does. so i don’t think this is the fault of the adapters anymore

a user i was discussing this with told me that this must be a power issue, something related to my PSU, but i have not find any resource on the internet backing up his statement or how to fix my problem. any thoughts?