Dual Monitor assistance needed on laptop

So I switched to Manjaro XFCE from Zorin os 15 and I had my setup working perfectly just was having tons of issues and I still am dealing with a TON of BIOS issues on my Acer Nitro 5. But I had my dual monitor setup working great Windows pre-zorin, zorin. I have my laptop to my left and I want it ONLY AS MY SECONDARY while the screen directly in front of me, to the right of my laptop as ONLY MY PRIMARY and I have spent the last 4 hours looking at everything I could find, both from this site, and from a crap ton of overs. I only want the screen in front of me to completely be primary. I don’t really care what happens during boot or for login. I’m fine with boot and need to login to the system being on the laptop screen. I just want my HDMI screen to be Primary completely for everything else without moving it from where it should be to the right of the laptop to the left of the laptop leaving me with moving my mouse to the wrong side of my screen just to access the other.

Sorry if that is just a BRICK of a paragraph…english was never one of my strong suits back in school. Can speak the language just fine…just can’t type anything worth a crap to be easily readable.

in display, you can drag the monitor image to the position you want.

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I have….but everything still refuses to treat my 2nd monitor that I set as primary, as primary. Games still load up in full screen on the laptop monitor and not the one I set as primary. That’s my issue. Sorry if I didn’t really make that clear.

Even with 2nd monitor as primary, the bar at the bottom remains on my laptop screen no matter what screen is primary. I got it on the right screen when I switched the laptop screen to the right of the monitor instead of the left like it sits IRL