Dual booting manjaro

So I want to dual boot manjaro besides my windows and I don’t have a USB nor cd I’ve recently come across unetbootin and I wanted to know if anyone culd guarantee me if it’s a good way to go thank you!

I dont follow … unetbootin is a way to create a bootable USB.
(and not one of the preferred methods)

What I mean is that I could get a dual boot through unetbootin unless I’m wrong …

Hmm I see since its not prefered I’ll try to avoid it I guess I’ll just stick to a virtual box but why is it not prefered?

Because the unetbootin software is not perfect.
You can use a number of other methods like dd or etcher or ventoy to write an ISO to USB.
However you do it a dual-boot is certainly possible … but you are going to need to create install media somehow.

The only reason I’m considering unetbootin is because I don’t have a USB or cd but I’ll work on getting one hopefully…

But … what unetbootin does is write a USB … it doesnt change your situation at all.