Dual booting Manjaro-i3 and Manjaro-KDE

Hey. I’m currently running Manjaro-KDE on my laptop for quite a while now. I wanted to try and learn the i3-wm, so I installed Manjaro-i3 in a virtual box but it was laggy and unresponive. So I’m considering to install Manjaro-i3 alongside Manjaro-KDE.

Is it safe to do so? Does GRUB have any problems with this?

I want to dual boot Manjaro-i3 and not create a different session on KDE and install i3 on it.


No problem at all, I’m running ManjaroKDE and Manjaro-i3 on my system for over a year now.

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The only thing I see to consider is, not to use the same swap partition in case you use hibernation.

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Thanks for the reply!

But will both editions be listed on the grub screen?

I’m not planning to make a swap partition add I have plenty of RAM but thanks for the heads-up!

Yes as long as you have the following line (uncommented) in your /etc/default/grub:


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