Dual booting manjaro and pacbang

From what you said, it is not about grub in Manjaro, right?

It’s about how to make Manjaro’s grub entry come out right when another distro’s grub is being updated. I don’t have the technical knowledge about what exactly Manjaro does differently in its handling of intel ucode to make Manjaro so hard to read correctly.

You make a good point about filing a feature request. However, it will be more or less what is stated in my 2nd paragraph above.

Since I don’t know the technical issues behind this, I would welcome further discussion in this thread about this “handling ucode” thing. How come Manjaro does it so differently?

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Just to mention that Manjaro’s grub is ‘modified’ (like Arch’s grub is modified - Manjaro grub is better than Arch actually because it can call up Arch and Arch cannot call up Manjaro). Whatever, both are modified and not the same as upstream grub.

We can download and install upstream grub from here
or we can use other OS’s grub by just ‘sudo grub-install --boot-directory={to your os partition}/boot /dev/sda’
(uefi different command) without having to download/install (which I thought artoo did (or should have done :slight_smile: ) to get manjaro’s grub in gentoo)

Original answer - because Arch did it this way (still does).
New answer - I also like to know. :sunglasses:

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Nope, I want gentoo grub intentionally, like I said. Please stop trying to tell I should use manjaro grub, if I intentionally use gentoo grub.

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As I said, I thought this is what you did, not done. And I had acknowledged with [quote=“gohlip, post:23, topic:8213”]
Ah… okay.
[/quote] I have no intention to to say you should use manjaro’s grub in gentoo, just that I earlier thought you did with this statement.[quote=“artoo, post:18, topic:8213”]
The point is, if I grub-install my manjaro grub instead of using gentoo grub, it will boot just fine.
So… all clear? All fine?


OK, I didn’t know that.

I read your other thread on the separate partition holding grub.cfg usable by all, and will probably try that after I’m back from my trip which starts tomorrow. If I have questions, I will post them on your other thread.

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Okay, good luck, wongs.
As I mentioned in my link, this (separate grub) shouldn’t be necessary for one or two linux OS’s + windows.
And as was pointed out many times (and in my method for rescuing grub), if Manjaro is the ‘default grub’, then it should be fine.

Just that I had lots of other OS’s and I don’t want to keep ‘update-grub’ in all of them to keep them current.
BTW, I did this also for grub-legacy then (lot’s more hassles).

Have a good trip.

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I have about 17 distros (yikes!) spread over 2 drives. No windows.

Since Manjaro is my default grub, I don’t actually have a problem.

It is just that when other distros update their kernel (or I install a newer kernel), then I will need to boot back into Manjaro to update-grub which is inconvenient.

I do already have custom entries to chainload some of those other distros’ grub [doesn’t seem to work for 1 or 2 distros] in a custom.cfg file, but with so many distros, the custom entries are right at the bottom of a long list.

So with an independent partition holding grub.cfg, I could just have it contain a list of chainloading entries apart from Manjaro and the few distros that don’t seem to chainload.

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I hope they don’t all have to be updated daily. :wink:

My hat’s off to you, sir. Not for installing so many distros (& no Windows!), but for successfully maintaining so many distros (& no Windows!). :wink:

I’d forget where I was and screw the pooch fer sure…


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It’s not really an issue. Just turn off the PC at the end of the day and boot into a different distro the next time you use the computer. Update whatever distro you’re using for the day. Rinse and repeat.

It’s a mix of rolling and fixed distros, and even for a rolling distro, I haven’t found a problem with not updating for 3 to 4 weeks.

No Windows - I can do that because I don’t game on (actually I don’t game, full stop), or need to use, proprietary software not found in Linux. It would be harder for other people with different use requirements.

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It doesn’t matter which grub i use. whether it’s pacbang or mint or manjaro. Each grub it seems to be is only working for that distro and the others are locked out. I was really pissed off it seemed about this but in reality i have neighbors who are verbally abusive, my ssdi got cut off for a few weeks, my internet was shut off wor a week, and most of all my little lovie, mama skittles, died. It was a rough month and i hope september is better. at any rate i need a different boot other than grub it seems since grub isn’t working across all my distros.

only windows seven is being picked up by all three distro’s grubs and working correctly. I really don’t want to have to use uefi to make this work and neither do i want to edit grub entries.

Maybe their are other boor loader that could be used instead?

you’re using uefi is that right?

My condolences, Lizzi. I lost my best friend, Cooter, last October 16th. I miss him so much still. I hope you have some other friends to help see you through.


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Mr Snickers moved in back in february. We are learning to live without the Mama Skittles. I sure do miss her head butts. And just her.

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I was fortunate to have Pyewacket, Cooter’s young female apprentice, to help me. She misses him very much. He helped raise her. She was too rambunctious as a young kitten for us to handle without his help. I’ve always enjoyed cats in pairs, and male/females pairs nowadays. I’ve been thinking now would be a good time for me too adopt a new young male for Pyewacket to pass on what Cooter taught to her. Pye gets pretty lonely sometimes…


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That’s very sweet. Maybe i’ll adopt another female eventually. I’m just in no rush at the moment. The rocky gorge animal hospital where Skittles was seen for emergency surgery last year that saved her life then, sent us a card today it arrived. very sweet.
And hand written.


The last thing I am is ‘sweet.’ I’ve just always liked and trusted most animals much more than most humans. Since I was 10, I spent my summers and some winters on horseback along the river & in the woods. All that I’ve ever learned that is real or true, came from that experience. Then I got older and entered the world of Men, and I would rather be back in the woods.

My last job before my back injury, I got paid to climb mountains and run from bears in Alaska, in places no human has ever walked, and lakes that have never been fished. For a while I got to live a dream, and was very fortunate.

I wish I was back there.


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Sounds like a place i’d enjoy as well.

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When you stop for a lunch break at a place that looks like this, a baloney sandwich tastes like steak. Especially when you get paid to be there, all by yourself. :wink:

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remnants of heaven on earth do still remain yet.

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Alaska is still known as the last bastion of freedom, the Great Frontier.

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