Dual booting disk partition issue conflicting info

So I created a partition via windows disk manager and then installed xfce in there and then I booted up xfce and checked fdisk -l to check on the disks at it shows that xfce is installed in the partition that I made. However when I boot back into windows and use windows disk manager to check my disk, it shows that the partition that I installed xfce in is unallocated. I have no clue what is the case here. Furthermore this causes a big issue for me in terms of future partitions as I might end up modifying the segment that I installed xfce in. Any help would be appreciated.

Windows can’t read Ext4 partitions without third-party software. Do not attempt to modify Linux partitions in Windows.

So basically if I want to do any disk modification I have to do it via Linux because Windows may touch the Linux partition?

Use Windows tools for Windows. Use Linux tools for Linux.

Alright that makes sense I guess. I’ll just have to do a bit more work then if I want do future partitions. Thanks

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