Dual-booting Cleanjaro and Android-x86.

How do you dual-boot Cleanjaro and Android-x86? If there's a post regarding this topic then I'm sorry, and also not, as I want a step-by-step tutorial with the latest versions of the OS.
Note: I'll be replying tomorrow as it is 9:30 pm in my place. I'm just gonna post this now to rack up the replies and by the time I look here, I'll (hopefully) find a tutorial.

With great difficulty?

Cleanjaro is an un-official edition - it uses it's own kernel and modules.

Android-x86 is experimental and - in my opinion - not intended for usage outside a virtual machine.

Please ask in an appropriate forum.


Good luck with that.


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dont you worry, we will work non-stop until we find you a suitable tutorial. why should you find one when we can do it for you right?

i'll tell you this, dont try and install it on the same hard drive as anything that you even remotely consider important. android does not care what you tell it to do, i just creates a ton of partitions and makes a mess of things and usually doesnt work properly after installing (yes, i've tried).

oh and btw, your ignorant, entitled, serve-me-now attitude is :poop:



@dglt I started to write a step by step tutorial. I had to delete it though. When I started discussing what was needed in the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys to have a mouse and CD-ROM drive run at boot, I realized I was talking about installing DOS. Oh well.


yeah but the OP didnt leave any required info.
@Karl515 what's the output of

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Seems like my question has been misunderstood. I'll clarify it.

Dual-boot as in adding Android-x86 to the grub menu. I know that there's some answers here and there but they're outdated or too complicated for my newbie mind.

This may have came off as being offensive, and I'm sorry for that. What I'm saying is that I found some tutorials but either its for an older version or it's to point you to the right direction, not to guide you there (hence the "also not")

If my method of asking is wrong, then maybe my mistakes should've been addressed, not made fun of. I'm just a noob asking for a guide, even if it came off as being bossy. Atleast someone answered my question, that it is difficult to do what I want to.


imo the easiest way would be to install cleanjaro, then android-x86. overwrite the grub then add cleanjaro to the grub entry. (or copy android-x86 grub entry, reinstall grub in cleanjaro (May have to chroot or use supergrubdisk) and manually enter android-x86 to it

Edit: I dont know why but os-prober really hates android-x86 and in general grub hates it too. however android-x86's grub menus are generally really simple ones from all ive tried, bliss, official androidx86, etc. i would copy cleanjaros grub entry and add it to android-x86 grub install.

How do you overwrite GRUB? It just boots up to the default cleanjaro GRUB when I try it. Thanks for the reply!

To edit manjaro's grub do as you would any other edit. Android-x86's grub config files are usually located on the EFI partition i believe. if it hasnt changed anyway. meaning you can just navigate to /boot/efi assuming you installed them both to the same partition, find android-x86's config file, and copy it into cleanjaro's grub config the same way you would any other custom entry.

Also if you accidentaly installed one Bios and one UEFI sometimes you can just change booting from the driver in uefi or legacy mode. but dont intentionally do that. it can get a wee screwy with android

Okay I'm gonna try that when I finished downloading the ISO. Thanks again!

It worked! Thanks for the advice!

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