Dual Boot with Windows on HDD + SSD

Hi, I bought a new PC and it’s on its way. It has a 1 TB HDD and 250GB SSD. It will come pre-installed with Windows 10.

How should I install Manjaro on it? I think I will go with the i3 edition.

Separating /home partition to the HDD should be easy. Should I separate anything else to the HDD? (/var, /tmp, etc)?

Is there some good guide for this scenario. All I could find was some forum posts.

What information are you missing in this guide?

Also helpful:

Thanks for these, didn’t know these existed.
What I am basically asking is what should I keep on HDD and what should I keep on SSD.

I know, / will be on SSD ,and /home on HDD. Other than that, I am confused about /var, /run, /tmp etc.

My goal is to avoid writing too much to the SSD

Make it easy and only split / and /home. If you install in UEFI mode, certainly you will need to assign the existing ESP as /boot/efi for your Manjaro install as well.

Make sure

  • Secure boot is disabled
  • Fast boot is disabled
  • Fast Startup is disabled in Windows
  • SATA is set to AHCI and not to RAID

Boot live ISO in same mode as your Windoze is installed.

UEFI + gpt parted disk OR BIOS + msdos parted disk, don’t mix these options!

You can find out your partiton scheme by

sudo parted -l

from live ISO.

If you are still unsure ask before proceeding.