Dual boot windows and manjaro gnome

Hello! I decided to do a dual boot on my laptop with both windows and manjaro gnome. I have a nvidia graphics card and so i selected the “proprietary drivers” option on the manjaro installation menu.

The problem after that was that it turned black screen and it wouldnt do anything. Any solutions for this?

Hello @tiagorosa, welcome to the manjaro community! Could you please give me the Nvidia gpu model, motherboard company and model, and maybe your pc specs.

Yes, it is an acer aspire f5 with i7 6500U CPU, geforce 940M, 16GB DDR3 RAM. I dont know the motherbord model especifically yet
Thank you for your time!

Which software did you use to burn the iso to your usb? From which os? And I think you can see your motherboard model from BIOS. Try updating your BIOS from acer.com

most laptops comes with dual gpu - in your case probably Intel - so I suggest you start your installation using free drivers - then when you have gotten to know Linux a little better you can begin loading proprietary graphics.