Dual boot win10 / manjaroGnome in 125Gb SSD

I just want to ask if it is possible to install Manjaro+Gnome along with Win10 (coming with my laptop) in my SSD partition and leaving a 1Tb HD partition for data.

Thanks! Marcos.

Yes, that is perfectly possible, provided that you have the space ─ you will have to shrink the Windows partition if necessary.

Just make sure that…

  • The system is set to boot up in UEFI mode only ─ no CSM support;
  • Secure Boot is switched off; and
  • You do not use the Windows Fast Boot feature, because it does not properly shut down the Windows filesystems, causing them to be mounted read-only in GNU/Linux.

You do not need to create an additional EFI system partition. Manjaro will use the existing ESP, and the Manjaro boot loader will detect the presence of Windows, and will add it to the boot menu.

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