Dual-boot, partition size control UI not functional


I’m installing Manjaro XFCE, to be precise, manjaro-xfce-21.2.2-minimal-220123-linux515.iso.

I have managed to install, and everything works fine. However, I had issues with installing additional programs etc, problems about allocating space. So I assumed I had allocated the minimum amount of space to the Linux partition, silly me, so I decided I would reinstall.

I’m dual-booting, so on reinstall from a bootable USB, I can select that option, then choose how much space to allocate for Manjaro. Oddly however, I can only either choose the default, which assigns about half of the 1TB SSD I’m using, so way too much space, or if I click the slider icon in the UI, it moves all the way to the end, and assigns negative 50GB or so space, which is also not good for obvious reasons.

Is there a reason why I can’t control the partition size of this SSD that might be related to its hardware? Like its only dividable into certain segments perhaps. If not I figure I’ll report this as a bug.

Since I figure theres not much helping the UI, I should set up the partition myself manually, but there are a lot of options, flags etc. Is there a list somewhere of what flags/settings to choose when setting up a dual-boot partition?

I’m enjoying Manjaro outside of config troubles, so I’d be grateful if someone could help out who knows more about partitioning.

Hi @Hask, and welcome!

I suspect you’ll find this handy:

You can prepare your partitioning with gparted before launching the installation.

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