Dual boot on separate ssd amd read from the windows drive

so I am new to manjaro and Linux in general so if someone can give me a step by step guide from bios settings and grub settings to general settings

so the problem is I want to dual boot manjaro and windows 10 on two separate ssds (one is nvme and other is data ssd) and since windows
windows is already installed on the drive with the most space I Want to be able to install games on the windows ssd (use it like a steam library aswell) and play games from manjaro if it possible

of it helps motherboard is a b450 tomahawk max
CPU 3600
gpu 5700xt
ram 16gb
storage 500gb nvme and 120 ssd

this is only if you install them on same drive I don’t if it’s similar as installing them on 2 different sdds also it doesn’t say anything about using the windows drive as an extra steam library but thank you

The guide applies also to installing using separate disks. Only difference is you don’t need to release space on your Windows partition or resize it.

If you want to access files on your Windows storage device - same rules apply with respect to Windows features such as Windows Fastboot, hybrid sleep, clock etc.

Whether you use the same storage device or dual devices - you will face mostly the same configuration issues.

Well you can make a seperate partition on that 500 gb ssd (ext4 probably), which you point Steam to.

can Windows read ext4? Iaybe formulated wrong but I meant the games that are installed there to be able to be played both I Linux and windows
but that would be a problem to solve since I can’t even get manjaro to dual boot

I don’t think that’s possible.