Dual Boot Issue (Grub Menu Only Appearing From Bios and not Automatically)

There was an update to the GRUB theme, but that’s really all that could be pertinent to the early boot process.

No, it was most definitely your reinstallation of Microsoft Windows that ruined your Manjaro boot. Windows is notorious for doing that ─ it wants to claim the machine for itself. Even now with Microsoft’s strongly improved attitude towards GNU/Linux, that part still hasn’t changed.

However it’s sad to say, I got the workaround via Windows bcdedit. The article that @chomsky linked had a command in the last checklist. What that command did is it pointed my bootloader to grub64 on boot. I wanted to make things work from Manjaro but this time I needed Windows help to solve the issue. I am marking @chomsky answer as solution.

I respect your effort. Thanks @Aragorn . Well you taught me how to get my bootloader file back. I learnt something new. Happy Linux, happy Manjaro.

Thanks @chomsky. Indeed bcdedit did the trick. Well, I wanted workaround from Linux and not Windows but I got what I needed and my problem has been solved.

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