Dual Boot from Manjaro to Windows

Hello there,
So I want to have a dual boot between my Manjaro System and a Windows 10 System, because there are some programms from my work and other private things that are poorly not working on linux.
So of what things should I be aware of when making a partition for Windows? Are there some settings to Change in Bios or later on in Windows Installation?

Thank u guys in advance!

the installation order is: first Windows then Linux, usually Windows will be integrated into the boot menu of grub, if not come back here : - )

Same as Manjaro, don’t just accept the default, read where the installer will write into. Installation order doesn’t matter, if you’re willing to read and do every step carefully.

If Manjaro already works, typically no, assuming the hardware requirement itself has been satisfied.

Windows MUST be installed first. It requires the first few sectors on the drive to work, as it assumes it’s the only OS.
Let it take the entire drive over and after getting everything up and working only then install Linux, where you will automatically shrink the Windows partition and install itself. If on installation you want to give Linux more space you will be able to do so.
Remember WINDOWS first THEN Linux.

You may have to disable hibernation and fastboot in Windofs

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Thanks for reply. So I can just override my ssd during windows installation (so I mean, is there a setting for it)?

You can manually partition the drive prior to installation, (C: for WIndows and L: for Linux - HINT HINT!) but in the end you won’t save any time or effort, so I don’t believe it’s worth doing.

Whichever Linux distribution allows you to install the OS beside Windows and will automatically allocate the needed space by either moving the Windows directories around or shrinking the empty space not being used by Windows. Of course you have the opportunity to make changes in the Linux install to either give more or less space to it, but it will not overwrite any actual data already there, without numerous warnings.