DS4 gamepad not working

I don’t know where to post this, so I’ll just post it here.

So I don’t know how to describe whats going on, but the DS4 used to work flawlessly. Now when I try to use it with any playstation emulator, and dolphin EMU, and it just won’t work, like they detect the controller, but it’s non-operational, the gamepad is detected by everything, even manjaro, but it will not work in anything. What is going on here? were there alterations made in the kernel that nerfs DS4 support?

Does this happen when using linux44?

I can’t use anything other than the latest kernel, no other kernel will even boot. The dolphin emulator shows the DS4 in the dropdown menu but is not functional, and i can even configure it the PCSX2, but it doesn’t work in game. Truly odd.

OK, so I figured out what was wrong, and it was in fact nothing lol nothing was wrong, and I was just stupid. So disregard this post.