Drives not mounting

The SMART status does say it has some bad sectors.

I'm not sure I'd trust that drive, but I'm rather paranoid when it comes to drives and bad sectors and fsck issues.
I'd definitely wait for one of the gurus to chime in. :wink:

Have you disconnected the USB drive and tried to boot yet?

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So far I am booted back into the system and it loaded the home folder just fine. Clicked on one of the partitions on the external and it took a bit but it loaded up. Clicked the second, same thing. 3rd one is taking a bit. It seems to be working at it, I can hear the disk working. I'm gonna let it set for a bit and see. Is there a way to access this drive thru a live media and get the stuff off it?

My best guess is the drive is revolting against having to hold this:

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Assuming you get through the checks you can boot the live media and simply mount the partition. However, in a failing drive situation, if you have the machine already booted and working I would use that session and do as little as possible before copying off the data.

On the other hand, the drive could be fine after the fsck but I would still want to take a look at the drive diagnostics.

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LOL, where did you see that title at? That as a phase from a long time ago.

That one's not right. You have an ext4 partition in there that's set up to be mounted literally nowhere. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That is one of my media partitions. How should that be listed?

Well it should have a mountpoint instead of "none", and you should probably add "nofail" as a mount option, like so...

/dev/sda2   /somewhere    ext4    defaults,nofail    0    0
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Ok. I got a new external drive and am trying to retrieve the stuff off the drive that is failing. I have used the file manager to copy some of the files to the new drive and also have used the cmd line to do some of them. Is there another way to do this? The drive keeps crapping out on me and it takes a bit to get it to mount back up where I can access the files.

I'm afraid not. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Had a similar problem and after trying many things was told to use PCmanfm. I did and it worked like a charm.

I can give it a try but I'm pretty sure the drive is going bad.

don't bother with pcmanfm it won't make any difference in your particular situation, a dying drive working or not is not dependent on the file manager being used.




I thought about that but how would you go about making a backup of a partition that has close to 500 GB of stuff if you don't have another partition of comparable size?

External media, and compression. :slight_smile:

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