Drivers for TL-WN822N V5

I want to migrate from windows to linux (manjaro), but from what I can see on TP-link website my network card (TL-WN822N V5) doesn’t support the latest version of Kernel (5-5.9), are there any unofficial drivers available that would allow me to operate on this Kernel version? And is it difficult for a beginner to install it?

Have a llok at drivers - Does TP-LINK WN822N work on Ubuntu? - Ask Ubuntu

While that’s Ubuntu, Manjaro and Ubuntu both are Linux so in theory that should answer you.

Who told you that no drivers for this device? It’s from official site, you have here drivers for Linux and detailed instructions how to install.

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That’s almost 6 years old and the V5 did not exist then. The rtlwifi repo no longer exists.


Please post the output of the following to find out which chipset your network adapter is using:

inxi -Nazy

The chipset is Realtek RTL8192EU.

Hi @SudoWoodo ,
Please, take a look on the following post which solves the problem, although it is not version 5.

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Install rtl8192eu from the AUR (Arch User Repository).

What exactly will the command look like? After installing these drivers, will my network card work on the latest available version of Manjaro? These questions may seem silly, but I really never had to deal with Linux before.

pamac build rtl8192eu

You can also use Add / Remove Software (pamac-gtk) as outlined in the wiki article I posted above.

Most likely. Let us know if it does not.

An error occurred at the end of the installation:
make: *** [Makefile:2295: modules] Error 2
==> ERROR: There was an error in build().

Please post the full build log, that tells us nothing.

Either paste the output, highlight it and use the Preformatted text </> button–or if the output is long, use a pastebin client and link it here.

I think I solved this problem. I simply used the command “pacman -S --needed base-devel” and the error is no longer displayed. However when I try to connect to the Internet I get the error “wireless interjes wlp0s20f0ou1 cannot find wi fi network” and “connection terminated”.

You can also try with rtl8192eu-git if rtl8192eu not work properly.

Finally, an error occurred: "Error: The operation was not successful:
conflicting files:

  • rtl8192eu-git: /usr/lib/modules/5.9.16-1-MANJARO/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/8192eu.ko already exists in file system (owned by rtl8192eu)"

Full log: Just Paste Me

Remove rtl8192 and try again with rtl8192-git.

I’m no expert and totally out of my depth on this. So this might not work. But your kernel, 5.9, is EOL. So I’m recommending you replace it, either with 5.4 or with 5.10 as these are the LTS versions and have support for longer.

I changed kernel to 5.4.100-1 and installed both rtl8192, than 8192-git correctly (I removed previous before install next). Neither one works. The network card still cannot connect me to the internet.

Are there any other repositories or something similar that I should install to make drivers work?