Driver for Razer hardware



I write to know if it would be possible to add openrazer driver to manjaro package. Indeed, theses packages are in AUR but there are a bug that it’s difficult to install (need to install yay or aur to install package because it doesn’t work with pamac because it depend other package to build in aur. It’s meta package)

Site of driver :

Site of AUR :

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I don’t know that, can’t answer for any of the Manjaro team members.
If you want to install AUR packages, then you need:
sudo pacman -S trizen base-devel --needed
then you use:
trizen -S AUR_Package_Name --noconfirm

If that package requires linux-headers then you have to install them for the kernel you are using.
Example for 4.19 kernel:
sudo pacman -S linux419-headers
If the package requires dkms too, then you install it:
sudo pacman -S dkms
then you proceed to install the AUR package.
For example:
trizen -S openrazer-driver-dkms --noconfirm


like always it needs someone who can test the package(s) and of course maintains the package(s).

If you would do that, I think it would be quite easy to have them integrated into manjaro :wink:


Points for inclusion:

  • Adds support for hardware
  • Unique, nothing similar in repos

Points against:

  • I don’t have Razer hardware so can’t test and won’t use myself
  • Multiple packages with interdependencies will also require rebuilds with e.g. Python updates

In summary: this is potentially a worthwhile addition to the repos but should be probably be maintained by someone who has the relevant hardware so it can be tested and confirmed to work (and the need for rebuilds etc. spotted more quickly).

… If someone buys me a Razor device then I’ll maintain the packages. :kissing:


Pamac 7.3.4 can now build openrazer-meta from AUR without issue.


Ok thanks for your work :slight_smile:


I second this as my gaming rig uses razer hardware. (so once gaming software support (i.e. proton) get a little better this would be beneficial to me in the future. (and probably others)

I vouch for this to not only be added to the repos but added to the mhwd for proprietary drivers.

@jonathon Please make the poll for this. I think the addition of this would also help manjaro popularity. :smile: