[Driver EOL x32] 2018-05-22 - NVIDIA drivers lose 32-bit OS support




It has finally come to pass. The day we all hoped would never come has arrived. (Unless I’m wrong and it’s just that NVIDIA are slow to release compatibility updates.)

As NVIDIA have previously announced, they have dropped all 32-bit support from their proprietary drivers, which means no new updates or bug fixes.

This means the existing 32-bit drivers will never work with newer Xorg versions.

Xorg 1.20 is already in x32-testing and those with NVIDIA cards running the nvidia* drivers will have noticed they no longer have a working X setup.

I am not willing to maintain a separate Xorg 1.19 stack as not only is it a tonne of effort, it’s baking-in (as yet unknown) security vulnerabilities which will never be fixed.

The only “safe” option for affected GPUs is to switch to the nouveau driver before the next x32-stable update. Otherwise you can “risk it” and see what happens. :wink:

For the nvidia driver:

sudo mhwd -r pci video-nvidia
sudo mhwd -i pci video-linux

For other driver series, replace video-nvidia with the relevant option (e.g. video-nvidia-304xx).

If nouveau isn’t an option for you… there’s not much to be done. It’s time for a hardware upgrade.

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@jonathon: this is not totally correct. 390 legacy branch, which will receive critical bug fixes and updates for compatibility with new Linux kernels and X server versions. This also includes i686 builds. So you may drop 304xx and 340xx series but you can keep 390xx for now, until Nvidia may drop this also (Critical security updates will be provided for 32-bit operating systems through January 2019). 390.59 supports Xorg-Server 1.20 …


This my machine which could have been a candidate for a manjaro32 install isn’t in use anyway


That’s on the linked NVIDIA page, but there’s no mention of Xorg and kernel compatibility. Is that mentioned elsewhere?

https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1032650/linux/unix-graphics-feature-deprecation-schedule/ says

which technically doesn’t mention that x86 releases won’t be made for older series, but my inference is that compatibility would come under the “bug fixes and features” umbrella.


390xx will be supported till 2022 including kernel and xorg patches:

  • Added support for Xorg xserver ABI 24 (xorg-server 1.20).
  • Download it from here.

However, updates will be provided for 32-bit operating systems through January 2019.


They only specifically mention security updates, which is fine for frozen-pool distros (i.e. Ubuntu LTS). That doesn’t help rolling-release distros.

I want to be wrong, but I can’t see NVIDIA expending effort keeping very-legacy systems running when they are increasingly focussing on CUDA-based ML/AI/CV etc. etc.


I know. However it seems 390xx series will be supported a little longer. Even so, that driver kinda works with the Xorg 120. We can either keep it around or simply drop the proprietary support for manjaro32. I’d suggest to drop Catalyst also, when not done already. For that driver we provide a special xorg-server with additional drivers to make it work.


As I said on github, it’s not like catalyst requires any maintenance at all at this point
(if really any, you could just make it only available up to, say, kernel 4.14 and call it a day)

Anyway, the problem here is: now/soon basically *every* nvidia gpu (with the exception of Kepler maybe, that I know is kinda decent in nouveau) is going to go downhill.
Be it just manjarox32 forever, or even temporarily normal one while we wait nvidia to update the x64 340 branch.

Again, I have already stated my opinions a lot of times, and for the love of me I don’t want to push any developer far from theirs “best spent effort” judgment, but I cannot see this ending well given how many users we are talking about.


This is another category to post about. With the last nvidia-critical Xorg update Manjaro was holding back Xorg from Stable for two months or so.

Are there really so many users of nvidia driver among manjaro32 users?


Considering that mainstream x86 systems have been 64-bit with at least 4GB of RAM for a long time time now, I’m surprised that anyone is still supporting 32-bit systems at all.

To be more clear, Nvidia most likely doesn’t want to spend resources to support 32-bit systems as there use declines.


Disappearing driver support isn’t an odd thing for old systems; NVIDIA dropping support isn’t all too surprising.

Given all 32-bit support was going to disappear last year at least these systems are still usable.


Nobody is blaming nvidia (which to be really fair, I think has the best closed source support on this planet)
It’s just about how to better take care of existing/future users.

I don’t know. The same that I don’t know how many people with fglrx, 304xx or 340xx drivers are there.


They reached EOL of 32 bit support but what about packages like steam they require 32 bit Nvidia drivers (if you are using Nvidia GPU ofcourse) as a dependency even if you are running a 64 bit machine.


As stated 999 times, this is just about 32-bit OS/kernel, not libraries.

EDIT: anyway, 1.20 is going to be supported at least on newer cards too. But what are we gonna do when 1.21 comes out? Drop decent support for 95% of nvidia cards from x32?


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