Dreaming December (2018) Screenshots



Delayed December Desktops 2018

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Ah, I see this is a new mabox with a Christmas decoration :slight_smile: . Looks good!



Merry Xmas everyone!

(My not-so-XFCE4 , XFCE4 setup)


simple & nice


Looks like you used Polybar. :grin:


I’ve actually stripped out almost everything from stock XFCE4 :stuck_out_tongue: I use Polybar/Rofi and other gems.


Fantastic job! :star_struck:


Actually i do the same, but different … cool work :smiley:


It’s actually kinda fun. XFWM gives mou many options to work with if you really get down to it.


Configured properly it’s lighter and faster than openbox (which lacks some features)…


I had a great screen shot over at ArchLabs and I started with xfce and did much the same as you. Added a little color to the icons in the polybar. Spent a little time on it but found it actually running slower that xfce decked to the halls.


My initial thoughts were to have OpenBox on this PC when I got it (about 1 week ago), so I started with openbox but couldn’t get click simulation for touchpad to work no matter what, and my trackpoint wouldn’t work properly (Thinkpad T480). So I opted for XFCE4 for the first couple of days and everything worked perfectly out of the box (had to get everything to work fast so I could use this PC for my day-to-day job). So first chance I got (today), I stripped most parts of XFCE4 out and got a bit into customizing the looks of the desktop :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty pleased with the result.


It kinda depends for me, some times everything works smoothly no matter what, and other times I forget to close some service (especially Docker) and my PC “feels” kinda heavy, which some times tricks me into believing that the WM/DE is actually heavy, but it never is :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m another user of a 4:3 screen. I showed my 4:3 Manjaro desktop several months ago, and nothing has changed since then:

I also use a laptop with a 1920x1080 screen, but it displays only 8% more pixels than my 1600x1200 desktop monitor. Unless I’m viewing one or more documents side-by-side, I prefer using my 4:3 desktop monitor instead of my 16:9 laptop screen. I see much more of my document at once, and can edit the document more easily when my screen shows more content vertically.

My 1600x1200 monitor is an NEC MultiSync LCD2070NX. I bought it more than eleven years ago, in October 2007, and it’s still going strong:

My monitor weighs 8.9 kg (19.6 lb) with the stand and 5.7 kg (12.6 lb) without the stand.


Dunno why so many people hate Ubuntu and its derivatives. I think it’s a nice and reliable fallback system which can be used to chroot and restore your broken Manjaro :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh yeah chroot worked, Manjaro is up and running again!
@Librewish lol I know, that was not the question, I was joking about the certain niche for this African tambourine :sweat_smile:


The freeze updates and an outdated system
And ppa


WHAT is this music player?!