Dreaming December (2018) Screenshots



As far as I know, this certain package is going to be included in Mabox. Hope to finish the new version, which includes the weather script, soon enough. @napcok


It certainly looks awesome and modern, unlike any Openbox I’ve ever seen so I hope @napcok will include it.



Sorry but what is Mabox? I check the Webpage but is under construction…


Mabox is just Manjaro + Openbox that comes from Poland :slight_smile: Right now new website is under construction as well as new Mabox release :slight_smile:


Oh! Thank you… I stay alert for the release!!


Oh your wallpaper reminded me an old Linux game where tux is sliding down the hill on his stomach. Lol good old Mandrake days…


When I see painted mountains I always think of Bob Ross, what’s wrong with me? :joy::rofl::grin:

mmhh, clouds too :smiley:


$ pacman -Ss Extreme Tux Racer
community/extremetuxracer 0.7.5-1 [installed]
Downhill racing game starring Tux


When I think of Bob Ross, I think of …



I Liked it before realizing you used strings instead of duct-tape. Now I feel I should UnLike it. :wink:



Just loving KDE’s power and Clean Desktop :slight_smile:


Manjaro - XFCE


Had a little extra time the last day or two and wanted to test a program in Arch.
My test install of Arch.




Happy Holiday to all the forum members!


I have installed awesome, I have used the tile format but for the screenshot its floating windows. Had to make new keybinding for qutebrowser so I can switch tabs.


Impressive! :smiley: