Dreaming December (2018) Screenshots



My December screenshot. Showcasing Kaid’s concept art.




Hi, this is my desktop for these holidays :slight_smile:



good lord, conky with thought-out colors and NO macos-like dock? yes! love it!


Thank you!
Arch is a mountain too… :wink:
Family members are on Manjaro, but they don’t use this forum. I wonder why?


I would do a conky, however, I doubt it would match my “busy” wallpaper. Unless that is, I tried.


This shot is a “test drive” of a new @Lunix wallpaper. I had to modify it to fit my 5:4 screen.

Wallpapers by Lunix (just for fun)

:+1: for the playlist



Would you mind share the wallpaper?



Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, here is my left screen for the Morld to see (Morld = Manjaro World).
The panel is not visible because I only use it on the right screen. Latte lives on the left screen (iMac withdrawal symptoms?) :slight_smile:


Tis the season…

“The soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.”

Happy Holidays to everyone!:christmas_tree:


Remember not to shoot your eye out when changing workflow style. :wink:


Something a little more seasonal using wallpaper by @savagearsenal85:


Very nice.



Is this from a developer version of the new mabox?


Nope - it’s just my winter theme but you can see here scripts made by @Piotr
(Yup weather is also a tint2 panel)