Dreaming December (2018) Screenshots



That was good.
This was excellent.
But. Now. This. Is. Awesome!
Can we have a link to the wallpaper please?




$sudo sitdown -r


Dabbling with Gnome on my laptop.



The end is nigh. Nuff said.


My new sddm theme (well slice with a different background :smiley: ).


I updated alot of packages, quick and good… I played some games in w-dos, so lots of updates :alien: read some news and chill out.


My work desktop. Cinnamon holiday theme.


that is too comfy for work! :joy: I have something more depressing that helps me keep up the work and not drift away.


If I surround myself by happy things I can try to forget how miserable I am sitting in a soul sucking cubicle. :smile:


We are using Citrix - so the company is “forcing” me to use windows … No way can that desktop can be happy. :rofl:
I will search some comfy wallpapers for my home pc though :smile:

Atm the only change at my desktop is the Freon extension for gnome to monitor CPU/GPU temp. Will post when it gets more interesting :slight_smile:


That’s a cool wallpaper. I love blue. :slight_smile:




Will this is super rare. Seeing someone post a 4:3 screen. I wonder how heavy is that monitor?



Weight with stand assembly and cables: 5.17 Kg (11.39 Ib)

Price: FREE


Okay, I’ll take three. :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:


Just for fun…my ACTUAL desktop

All connected with a 4-port KVM switch.


Here’s my setup for this month, came back to Manjaro after quite a long break, back to more or less how I had it before I switched away


Where’s the air-conditioner?