Dreaming December (2018) Screenshots



Manjaro-Gnome with Wallpaper-Changer extension to see varied natural pictures every 15 minutes :slight_smile:


“How I spent my Sunday afternoon.”

I came across some old software to customize WinAmp skins.



It’s not xfce anymore lol


Been playing around with OpenBox on ArchLabs on this old laptop just to play.



Must say that I like the daily updates.



My Christmas themed XFCE desktop. :snowman_with_snow: :christmas_tree:

Also started binge watching Stargate SG-1 via Amazon Prime.

Wallpaper: https://pixabay.com/en/snowman-town-urban-321034/


I think the Winter is for Totoro! Here’s my december screenshot, or at least for the first 15 days!


My cinnamon desktop " deepin style".




Back on Manjaro :stuck_out_tongue:



Working on a project, hope it’s ready this year.
All my wallpapers can be found here, i need to upload some i forgot though => NVM.
Compiz looks so good with a decent computer, i miss it so bad :slightly_frowning_face: .
Does anyone have a guide so pywal synchronizes with xfdesktop?, i love pywal but i’m not able to set it up with multiple wallpapers.



December colorful desktop


my (Other OS) Haiku all pimped-out, Vs. my daily Manjaro / KDE + Latte - kvantum = two sides of the same wallpaper.

potato quality ahead




Hallo here is my Lxqt Desktop



My cousins desktop, a today’s standard “bad or decent” pc, new materia is awesome, and csgo is free to play.



For that you have two options:

  1. Use Kvantum them that sets many (but not all) Qt apps semi transparent or actually parts of the UI (not the whole things) which is better for functionality:

  1. You can specify transparency of every app or specific windows in kwin so it can stay semi-transparent all the time, however that’s per app setting (so you can’t set it for all apps at once). However, this is highly unpractical because ALL UI elements get this effect and that makes things less readable especially that blur doesn’t work on that setting.
    Here is an example:

To do that right-click titlebar and chose more actions->additional program settings->look and adjustments->transparency of active windows

And here is my early December screenshot (not Holiday one yet):


Found my December wallpaper and back to i3… Scratchpad is a gift…