Drawing tablet (ie. wacom) settings GUI in XFCE?

I would include a link here but apparently I’m not allowed. The github workaround mentioned below is on the “Wacom Tablet And Pen” page of the Manjaro Wiki.

Saw that the github for the “workaround” for XFCE is about 5 years dead. “We are aiming to implement this panel natively on XFCE. Meanwhile, you can install it from here.” but if this was natively added to XFCE, I’m not seeing it.

Did this ever continue getting worked on? Or am I doomed to have to use xsetwacom every time I turn my tablet off/on again? I would love if it would “just work” like it does on Cinnamon and KDE, because I prefer XFCE to both.

For XFCE there was no further support for what was working 5 years ago. Instead there is a separate project, i mentioned it before in the forum


Hmm, looks like my tablet isn’t supported by OTD yet. I will keep an eye on it, though.