Downloading skype and zoom

Hello, I am a new user. I have a laptop and I had no problem finding skype and zoom. On my desktop, also Manjaro, I cannot find the programs. How can I find them?

Did you install them?

If not, you have recommend one of the two following options: Enable AUR or use Flatpak

You can enable one of them in the pamac-manager (“Add/Remove Software”) application.

Perhaps you dont have activated AUR-support on your laptop? :wink:

In addition and to add to what the others wrote:

did you take the time to familiarize yourself with how software is usually installed on Manjaro?
… did you :wink:

It’s done through the package manager
accessible through the menu by something like “add remove software”
and then there is the difference between regular Manjaro repositories and software available through the AUR

both of the things you mentioned are not in the regular repositories, I guess - need the AUR to get those

I did install them on my laptop, no problem. But I cannot find the programs on my desktop. Both have the same manjaro linux.
I use Pamac-manager. I cannot find how to enable AUR or Flatpak

So you cannot find it in your start menu? They will no magically appear on your desktop like the windows Installer does.

no, i did have no problem when i downloaded skype and zoom on my laptop. I have also a desktop and there i want skype and zoom also.
I could find it on the softwaremanager on my laptop. but I can not find them on the softwaremanager on my desktop.

Upper right there is a hamburger menu at the pamac-manager. There you need to open the settings. Check if AUR or Flatpak or Snap is enabled.

If not, then enable it and refresh the database.

Thank you. Everything is enabled and I refreshed the database anyway.