Downloading Manjaro KDE to hdd

I am a beginner to linux and I decided to start with manjaro kde and dual boot with windows 10. I format my pc just to have some space for manjaro. Something 80gb of empty place was there in my ssd. Since ssd is faster I wanted to download manjaro to it. But It turns out If I want to give space to manjaro, I am able to only give 5gb. I know that there is empty space in drive but It doesn’t let me download there.

So I decided to download it to my hdd(Which is probably my biggest mistake). But manjaro is not only slow but It has a long booting time,also weird things happen while booting(For example, my display gets weird and shows colors like an old tv). Should I try to download manjaro again to my ssd or do you have any suggestions for me to make the process faster?


You say “download” but I think you mean “install”. Any OS will run faster from an SSD. Your display problems are more than likely related to your graphics driver, but you didn’t mention which GPU you are using. Also, system RAM is important especially for KDE which can be quite memory intensive.

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