Download Vivado

I have found some difficulties on installing Vivado. Can someone give some instructions how to install it.
Thank you for your time.

Hi, what are your difficulties? eg, have a output log of the installer?
(changed the category to AUR as wel since I can only find it in the AUR)

finding the right sources installing it. I have searched and still nothing that works for me
Thank you and best regards

Vivado is available in the AUR: (please read the wiki about the AUR)

Check out the entry for vivado in the AUR.

Open Pamac - the name in menu is Add/Remove Software and navigate to the Preferences page. You will be required to enter your password to access it.
At Preferences page → select the AUR tab → and move the slider to enable AUR.

Then search for it and install. If the gui give you problems, use this:

$ pamac build vivado

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Sorry for disturbing but in the AUR list i try to install vivado 2020.2-1 but it gives me this message:FAILED TO BUILD VIVADO. Any ways to install it via terminal
Thank you

Yes there is :point_up:

Building vivado…
Running as unit: run-u200.service
Press ^] three times within 1s to disconnect TTY.
==> Making package: vivado 2020.2-1 (Sat 06 Feb 2021 18:45:19 CET)
==> Checking runtime dependencies…
==> Checking buildtime dependencies…
==> Retrieving sources…
→ Downloading Xilinx_Unified_2020.2_1118_1232.tar.gz…
curl: (37) Couldn’t open file /Xilinx_Unified_2020.2_1118_1232.tar.gz
==> ERROR: Failure while downloading file:///Xilinx_Unified_2020.2_1118_1232.tar.gz
Finished with result: exit-code
Main processes terminated with: code=exited/status=1
Service runtime: 937ms
Error: Failed to build vivado

You haven’t read the AUR page for vivado have you ?
And before installing you should look into the PKGBUILD

# 1. Log in to
# 2. Go to
# 3. Download "All OS installer Single-File Download (TAR/GZIP)" - WARNING: This file is >35GB in size
# 4. Place the .tar.gz in the same directory as the PKGBUILD
# 5. Build!
# No refunds for broken AUR helpers, just use make(chroot)pkg.
# This package is huge. The download alone is a 44GB .tar.gz, which decompresses to ~45GB,
# and the final zstd-compressed package is another 21GB. Reserve ~150GB in total for building.
# It can also take up to two hours to build, being mostly limited by I/O and single-thread
# performance. `namcap` takes another 30 minutes, make sure you're not running that automatically.
# It *also* requires a reasonably ugly hack to build: since package() is run under fakeroot,
# and the installer tries to access the home directory no matter what `--location` is set to,
# it fails during "Running post-install tasks" because it tries to access `/root`.
# To fix this, a tiny shared library (see spoof_homedir.c) is LD_PRELOADed. Its only job is to
# wrap the `getpwuid()` function and modify the original return value for uid==0.

Pamac is a AUR helper, so support might be limited. I can’t help you any further.