Download links ...infinite loop?

Hello world! …I’m not new to Linux but not an expert either. But I am new to Manjaro. I only just heard about it on the interweb and thought I’d try it.

So I…

  1. Navigated to manjaro dot org
  2. Clicked on the download link in the upper right of the website.
  3. Which took me to manjaro dot org forward slash download
  4. From there I scrolled down to the “Official Editions” section and clicked on the “Plasma Desktop”
  5. Which took me to kde dot org forward slash plasma-desktop
  6. from there I clicked on “Get Plasma for your device”
  7. which takes me to kde dot org forward slash distributions
  8. from there I scroll down to the “Manjaro KDE” section (second to last in the list) and then clicked on “Learn more”
  9. Which takes me back to Manjaro dot org which is where I started. :sweat_smile:

It doesn’t matter which browser I try, it get the same result.

So… can someone let the powers that be know that the links are a circular reference and don’t help someone get to where they can actually download Manjaro KDE Plasma?


PS. Can someone also point me to a URL where I can download the latest stable version of Manjaro KDE Plasma? THANKS!

You were close, on the download page first move the slider for full or minimal then you need to click on the little torrent link (pink U shaped icon) or the full image link (blue usb connection icon or whatever it’s called).

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Ha! Oh wow, what a poor design! I never even thought to mouse over those icons let alone click on them. …mostly because I don’t know what they are AND because they just look like icons for features the release supports or something like that. :man_shrugging:

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