Download a software on "add remove software" without update other stuf?

I want o download the acetoneiso2 (1.6MB) on add/remove software and the updates (345MB) I do not want to download because I do not have internet MB to do that and do not show a way to cancel.
Have a way to do that?
To install ONLY the pack I need?
I do not have money to buy more internet MB to download the updates.

(sorry my english)

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I’m afraid that is not possible. Manjaro is a rolling-release distribution and you cannot install any packages from the repository into an otherwise not-updated system as this would lead to a partial upgrade scenario, where things don’t work together anymore because you’re mixing old and new packages.

If bandwidth really is a limitation for you, then you should look for a distribution that uses fixed-point releases ─ e.g. Mageia, Debian, openSUSE Leap, Ubuntu, Mint, et al ─ because then Manjaro won’t be right for you.



It is possible, but do that only knowing the risk that you may break the system by doing partial upgrade, do that only exceptionally as a one time thing. If you are limited on bandwidth then a Rolling Release OS is not for you I’m afraid.

In Pamac Settings, go to Advanced, and enable “Do not check for updates when installing”. Restart Pamac, and install your package. You are now in partial upgrade, and this is not supported.

Also Pacman from terminal can install a single package without upgrading the system.


Tkx, its work here.
Now I can upgrade all only when my internet MB renew.

Because you are in a partial upgrade scenario, I’d recommend going to a cafe with free public wifi in order to fully upgrade your system before problems arise.

With a desktop PC?

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