Downgrading pamac-gtk

I reinstalled Manjaro and reverted back to SLTS linux61
I am having issues with pamac GUI, when I type in the App Launcer search box and click on suggested app, if said app is in AUR or Flatpak, it just does not show up until I first open Pamac GUI and manually search through there (I have added AUR and Flatpak support already).
I have then noticed some of the installed packages are using unstable versions, such as pamac-gtk, I also ran into issues with kpeoplecard, kcontacts and kpeople, but I managed to resolve them.
But why is this the case? I am using a SLTS kernel and would expect packages to be stable
How do I downgrade to a stable version of pamac-gtk (I dont want to revert to gtk3)?

pacman-mirrors -G

im on stable already but for some reason I have pamac-gtk-11.6.0+2+g5ac9b28-1

And what reason do you think you should have something else?

I thought that it would differ in name. On that link both testing and stable are the same?

For that package right now yes.

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