Downgrading mesa?


i’ve got trouble with dirt rally and am asked to downgrade to mesa 13 for testing by feral support.
I’ve still got the old packages in cache and get the option to choose, but i thought it might be better to first ask if it is relatively safe to downgrade or if it might screw my system up big time ^^
So: good idea to “sudo downgrade mesa” ?
thanks in adance :slight_smile:


If you are up for testing (and you know how to chroot back into your system), then why not?

You can always upgrade back to current.


dont use sudo … just ‘downgrade mesa’ will work.
Go ahead and try. Just keep in mind its possible something else is depending on it :wink:


What about the recent mesa-stack update that caused so many problems (symlinks being removed for the changes, etc)? Seems risky to me, for someone on the stable branch.

And I think the downgrade command won’t even work on the stable branch…


That’s why it is always advisable to have a backup for your backup plan… :wink:


@cimarronline that’s whats keeping me off - was happy that the whole glvnd-thing didn’t get me during the update :smiley:

oh well, maybe i’ll take a risk over the weekend - normaly i only keep file-backups, maybe it’s time to do a systemwide backup ^^


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