Downgrade Dash to Dock due to issue with 81

Hey guys I just wanted to report that there is problems with dash to dock 81 and made a issue report about it so I think it would be a good idea to downgrade it back to 80-1

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How about update to 84-1 instead? The issue was fixed weeks ago.

What do you mean? I wrote this post over a month ago so clearly by this point I would have updated to 84-1 by now because it fixed the issues…

Right. Just following up on the post for posterity so it can be solved. It was just dangling in the wind with no resolution. :wink:

Yeah that’s fair enough tho you kind of assumed I haven’t already updated which made me confused instead of just asking if I have and if this was resolved. :stuck_out_tongue:

And @gameslayer9999 does v84 solves the issue for you?