Doubts about KDE, Wayland or Xorg?

Hi, manjaro users! I have some doubts about the use of KDE with Wayland or Xorg.

  1. Does Wayland have any problems with hybrid graphics (intel and Nvidia) (My computer’s spec is in my profile). If yes Does Xorg fixes the problem ?
  2. If doesn’t have any problems, can I run nvidia-prime programs (games and gimp and kden live) with Wayland ?
  3. If Wayland and Xorg can be used interchangeably which is better to use in my use case ?

Note: I still don’t have the system installed yet, so I can’t give much more info other than my system specs

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:!
First of all, I’d highly advise anyone using NVIDIA graphics of any sort to avoid Wayland at all cost at the moment. Wayland’s Gaming Performance on NVIDIA GPUs using the proprietary driver is downright horrific, and getting NVIDIA to work on Wayland and KDE requires some quite advanced setup steps if you wanted to use it for desktop work only.

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, NVIDIA’s proprietary drivers are a big dumpsterfire on Wayland at the moment, and the nouveau open-source drivers aren’t much faster than not using an additional GPU at all.
  2. nvidia-prime can work on Wayland in theory, but advanced setup might be necessary, additionally, the performance won’t be great either way as open-source drivers are slow by nature while proprietary drivers are even slower on wayland.
  3. I’d advise you to use the X.Org display server. NVIDIA is only supporting X.Org to a full extend, hence X.Org is a far better option here.

I hope this answers you questions, if you have any further ones, feel free to reply.


Thanks for the helpful replies, It has already saved me a lot of time! So I’d like to ask other thing: So if I install KDE manjaro does it default to Xorg? Just so I know of I need to change when I install the OS

Yes, it does default to X.Org.

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