Doubt, Is there a release cycle calendar for when will Manjaro come with kernel 5.10?

I’m thinking of distro hop from Kubuntu to Manjaro KDE, But I’m thinking of doing it when the release comes with the 5.10 LTS Kernel but as of now I couldn’t find where I could get my hands on to a Manjaro Release Cycle Calendar and what’s being planned. If someone could explain to me if there’s one and where I could find it, I would really appreciate the help.

I have been using 5.10 for some time now - but you can check on

And from branch-compare 5.10.2-2 is in stable with 5.10.8-1 in unstable.

Manjaro makes switching kernels very easy. You can do so in the settings menu, select the kernel you want and press install. No need to wait until Manjaro releases with Linux510.
Just remember to select the freshly installed kernel from the advanced options menu in Grub.

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I know that I can change it very easily but I was thinking of waiting so I comes with it, I thought there was a release schedule

5.10 kernel is not yet LTS. Until 5.11 is released, its a normal release kernel.
That said, 5.10 is available in Manjaro as forum user above me said. I’ve been running is for some time now, installing it is very easy, just a few clicks.

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There is no schedule for it - always use the latest available ISO to install from - when you run the update required you will get 5.10 without even specifying it.

The nature of rolling release - so no excuse for waiting :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification!

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