Double starters in bottom bar

Hello Forum,

When I move applications in the bottom bar and open them, they open a new icon and not the one that I moved into the bottom bar. This might sound weird and I would like to show you but I can post pictures yet, sorry.

Can you help me fix this? thank you very much!

Launchers in the Xfce panel are exactly that: launchers. That include the dock-like panel in the default Xfce configuration.

You will need a separate dock for that specific behavior.

Adding xfce4-dockbarx-plugin in AUR not in the above list.

I recommend you check out Plank. It is very responsive and does what you want. If you’re still using the default layout for XFCE, then you’ll need to remove that bottom panel. Then when you have an application opened that you want to pin to Plank, just right-click it and click on “Keep in Dock”.