Double-click on Plasma icons does not start the applications

Hi folks, this happened to me since 2 or 3 month:
after booting to the KDE Plasma desktop, double-clicking the icons will not start the respective applications (in Dolphin the doubleklick works fine !)
Also not when I use a clean, fresh Manjaro KDE install, or a brand new mouse. What I could find out until now: left klicking the networksymbol in the taskbar, or the loudspeaker-icon, then their respective panels pop up. This action only will get the double-click on the desktop icons working again !!
So: I presume something does not initialize well at the very start of KDE Plasma, but does with a simple left-klick on one of those 2 icons in the KDE taskbar.
Any idea which graphical thing get’s his initialization when using the network/audio icon in the taskbar ?

For general issues/support with KDE, you should post on the KDE forums
Manjaro does not develop KDE, it simply uses what they produce…

Hi TriMoon, thanks for your advice.
Anyhow, if you don’t mind, I would like to share the solution with the community here: so I was able to clarify and solve the issue with a KDE developer. Just search for :“doubleklick-icons-on-plasma-workspace-not-working-reliable” in the KDE forum (discuss(dot)kde(dot)org)

Enjoy !

QML timers go too fast with multi-threaded render loop when using any high refresh rate screens on X11 when using FOSS amdgpu drivers

That’s a great bug report title, kudos to the people who narrowed it down to those particular conditions :joy:

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the solution in short: “To apply the workaround, search for “renderer” in KRunner or Kickoff and open the top entry. In that window, change “Render loop” from “Automatic” to “Basic”.”