Dotnet infinite update loop

These 5 packages worked fine before the update:
But now, they offer update from 6.0.4.sdk202-1 to 6.0.5.sdk300-1
When I install it (in pamac GUI), it appears to build and install them.
But then, it loops to offer the same update over and over again.
How to solve that?

Use terminal or whichever terminal emulator to install. Some apps will just spin and spin in pamac for some reason. My suggestion is if you have something that must be built always use your command line app to do so.

I think you need to do a clean build.

The easiest method is to clear the sources from the previous build.

Deleting those 5 packages from pamac, then deleting the downloaded/cashed/built files (from within pamac too), then installing the 5 packages in question (again from pamac, no terminal needed) did the trick. Now those packages are on the latest version and don’t offer another update (loop).


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