Dota 2 crashes

Hello, since i installed Manjaro xfce a couple of months ago i have experienced an issue with Dota (OpenGL) and sometimes with Minecraft (Java Edition). In Dota, during a match the fps start going down and if i don't alt+f4 quickly, in matter of seconds, Dota crashes and freezes my computer with it. I couldn't find a reason or a way to reproduce this problem, sometimes it happens once and then it doesn't happen again for some time or until the next day when i launch the game again.
In Minecraft i experienced the same problem but a lot less often than in Dota.
I also checked my temperatures and they are fine, i always use a stand so my laptop can breath and the heat-sink its clean

Im running the latest stable version of manjaro xfce
Cpu: intel 7100U, RAM 4gb, 240gb ssd and 1366x768 resolution
Dota settings are everything on low and off except for Animated portraits and render quality at 70% and fps cap at 60 (will turn down this to 30, not that the hd620 igpu can handle more than 30fps)

Can you monitor your system and iGPU shared memory usage?

Well htop gives me some idea, ram goes up to 3.7gb and cpu hits 80% in each thread. If its a lack of ram problem, shouldn't just allocate the extra data in the ssd, decreasing the fps, instead of crashing and freezing the pc?
And also that wouldn't explain why it happens from time to time.
Also when i play Dota i close every other program except from steam

I will suggest maybe a radical solution, but it worked well for me for a windows game that had a native linux version.
Steam has something called proton (it allows to play windows games), and works great this is how to enable it: Steam -> Settings -> Steam Play (Enable Steam Play for all other Titles)

In one of the laters version of steam (I am using it since beta start of 2019) they allow to Force a windows version using proton even if the games has a linux native version.
Library -> Select the Game, Right Click-> Properties, from the many in General check the last option "Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility Tool".

this allows you to use different proton versions for each game, Proton 4.11-3 works best for me for Dota 2.

One more suggestion based on experience gaming in Manjaro, one of my laptops has 6GB RAM and some games were slower due to the SWAP, so I lowered the swappiness, that is a tresshold of ram usage reached and when to activate the SWAP, I moved it to 10, meaning when 90% of ram busy activate swap. I found this guide or advice on the manjaro forum


add new file

sudo gedit /etc/sysctl.d/100-manjaro.conf

add following data to the new file 100-manjaro.conf:

vm.dirty_ratio = 10
vm.dirty_background_ratio = 5
vm.dirty_expire_centisecs = 2000
vm.dirty_writeback_centisecs = 1000
vm.swappiness = 10
vm.vfs_cache_pressure = 70

I never played minecraft, but for me on Intel CPU/GPU, proton version of dota2 works better
other people use it like that also
Both of my suggestions are best on experience and gamer with 100+ games on steam (battle net and origin) all on Linux, I am not a manjaro expert or claim to be.

I hope this helps,

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Hey, i'm gonna try proton first and if I dont see an improvement I will try messing with the swap. I can't remember if I had this issue when I used windows 10, but i do remember that with windows I experienced some crashes when playing dota but not as frequent as this ones and not with a fps drop before the crash.
Anyway, gonna try and let you know

Sorry I left Windows 2007. ubuntu, MacOS & fedora, now manjaro. never used windows 10 so I cannot say. It's great to see the Manjaro community has a lot of gamers, feel free to msg me if I can help.


So i tested proton with dx9 and opengl renderer and game launch just find but when i search for a ranked match it closes the search menu as normal but it doesnt make the normal animation as when its searching for matches and if i click again the search button it does nothing.
Im using proton 4.11-3

well I probably never used that feature in a while, I only play during the weekend with my friends and I get invited. I also have not played it in maybe 1 month so probably few updates might have broken it. the reports on protondb at least the 12 public once say it works ok, with proton on linux even 4k.

"Runes better than windows"
"It works. No tweaks."
"Actually running Proton 4.11-3. Works perfect out of the box"
"The game runs well in OpenGL but the Vulkan renderer is preferrable."
"It runs native. Performance is crazy good. 4k all ultra and no stuttering no lag."

someone who has lower ram said:

" Very slow loading times with Vulkan. Fixed by disabling Shader Pre-caching in Steam settings."

Well sorry for the maybe that was the wrong suggestion, then I suggest try the swappiness.


Yes i saw the reports, i have tried vulkan before and saw 2 to 10 fps less than opengl but that was using windows and linux not proton. Gonna keep testing i guess

Well sorry for the maybe that was the wrong advice, try the swappiness with dota native linux. my advice was based on steam proton community review positive feedback for dota 2 and my own experience.

Live Long and Prosper,

I will, but first i need a working dota again. Disabling proton bring lot of errors

I would suggest if you can upgrade the 4GB to 8GB if you can, just saying for gaming that is recommended. I have a tablet with m core cpu and even with 8GB of ram in can feel slow on some websites and ram can jump to 6-7GB, the swappiness helped me alot.

good luck with dota2 and I wish you many victories,

I plan to upgrade, saving money for it.
Also now every renderer except opengl gives an error before game launch

Well I am sorry to hear that, reinstalling steam doesn't take too long
you can backup the game installs and move them back in again
Steam / Valve has a discord server (that is a chat app) and channel for offical support for steam it is good. I use the Mesa drivers Intel CPU GPU, version 3.0 or maybe newer now.

I am sorry I cannot help more with testing travelling in a plane currently (got day off tomorrow and connected a 3 day weekend) at earliest I can help is sunday when I get back at work (I will test dota 2 on a lower spec PC with 6GB and older intel and see what I can do to improve performance).


I see. Looks like its memory leak symptom. If that's the case then no matter how much you ram and swap are, it will eventually crash. It just a matter of time until the developer fix it. Have you make a report about this issue in DOTA or Minecraft community page?

I don't recommend using proton's DXVK/D9VK for online competitive games, as they have warned us that it can trigger automatic game ban/VAC. So, avoid it unless you are sure the game permit it (e.g. Overwatch is now allow users to use DXVK after automatic ban incident last year).

I can only suggest you to get more ram just to delay that memory leak symptom so you can play the game a little longer. Beside, 4GB is to low to share between system and iGPU for intense gaming, and increasing swap may not be the best options either in that case. If you're using a PC then having dedicated graphic card can help a lot. For temporary workaround, when your fps is starting to drop, you can try pressing alt+tab twice or switch from fullscreen to windowed and back to fullscreen again. It may helps or not at all. You can also use -threads 4, -gl_enablesamplerobjects 1, -cl_forcepreload 1 and -gl_texclientstorage 1 in DOTA launch options if you like using opengl rather than vulkan api.

This was one of the things that gave me an extra push to convert my gaming rig to a Linux machine (running Manjaro KDE) because I experienced this issue with win10. A friend helped me realized that I had reinstall the OS but by that point I was dying to convert it to Linux.

@MrNeg I agree with @SDN solely because I highly doubt the Linux kernel is having issues with memory management. (which is something it does better than any other kernel in my experience) Especially if you're using an LTS kernel.

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