Dosbox with Roland MT32 support or similar

Hello all,

I’ve been using Dosbox with mt32 patch (support for Roland midi devices) in the past, when still on Ubuntu-based distros. It was rather simple to acchieve thanks to a ppa offering the respective dosbox version.
As some classical games can make use of it with very nice (to the ears) results, I wondered if anybody knows about a straight-forward solution working in Manjaro.
I guess I could use MUNT (seems available in the AUR), but the more convenient option would be a dosbox version that’s already patched.
A quick search has so far not turned up much.

Any ideas?

From Manjaro repos you could install dosbox 0.74.3-2. In AUR you can find for example dosbox-multilib-patched 0.74.4204-1 or dosbox-ex-svn 0.74.r4146-1 which has the MUNT-32 patch (and many other dosbox derivates).

The one from the repos comes without (direct) MT32 support, does it?
Any recommendations which one to pick from AUR?

I would pick dosbox-ex-svn.

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