Doom and Doom Eternal in Steam freeze

It seems that a new problem as come up. The game Doom and Doom Eternal in STEAM freeze now with this new update. My others games still run fine though. I have a dual boot and both games run fine in Windows (11). I am not an expert but It seems to be because of the vulkan driver ?

Edit : sorry of for not being more precise but the game was running fine before the update. So I probably had all the requirements, It does need the Steam Proton experimental version though. There was a new mesa package with this update but that include a Vulkan one too? Please, how do I make a report ? Tx

Ryzen 5600, Gigabyte Rx570 (Amd)

This is what you are looking for probably. Read the requirements, see if you are still having issues then add a report.

I have just tested it. no problems
Intel +Nvidia

I manage to get the original DOOM to play again by forcing it in OpenGL rendering mode with the startup “+r_renderapi 0” parameter. It seem to point to a Vulkan problem. (Doomx64vk is stuck)

No such luck with Doom Ethernal as there is no Opengl mode. It plays a little bit then hang.

Is there a way to revert to a previous VK version ?

so more testing. I was able to play Doom on my lowly second computer with an Nvidia GT750 TI 2GB (Amd FX6300) using the Vulkan api. Since Nvidia proprietary driver use its own libraries, it seems to affect AMD cards only.

Hi Joseph, have you checked this topic. Is the described problem similar to yours? It’s about mesa/vulkan shader problems after the update, on AMD Radeon graphics.

Great find. It seems that a newer version of VK may fixed the issues (?). Hopefully it is coming in the stable version soon. I don’t see it in the repo (1.6) though. Anyway It is pretty impossible to remove/add libraries without breaking something. At least I can play in … Windows !

There was an update this morning for a new mesa/vk version. Sadly that didn’t fix the problems. Doom /VK is still stuck on loading screen (99%) et Doom Ethernal still freeze. An update for Steam client and proton experimental, didn’t help. Back to windows.

This was posted over in the main thread, similar to your issue?

Ok guys, great news ! There was another mesa-vk update today and that did it. Both games are now working (steam) So please don’t change anything. Thanks to the team.

P.S now I have another problem on my other computer. The panel doesn’t show up anymore. I may need help again. That’s Linux I guess. Grrrr Tx

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