Don't hide grub on single boot install with Apple hardware

Apple keyboards don’t work to bring up the hidden grub menu at boot the way PC keyboards do. With a PC, the ESC key (uefi) or the SHIFT key (mbr) will show the grub menu at power up, but this does not work with Apple keyboards. If the grub menu is hidden, and if there is a problem with the video drivers that results in a ‘black screen’ at bootup, there is no way to bring up the grub menu to edit for ‘nomodeset’ and get to the desktop.
with a “0” timeout is a bad idea because it locks out Apple users with gpu driver problems.

In that case the installer might need to know if your hardware is from Apple. Then a decision has to been made either automatically or give the user a choice.

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I’d rather have GRUB shown by default, considering:

  • there are many cases for which it is relevant to not have the GRUB hidden: multi-kernel, multi-boot, BTRFS snapshots…
  • hiding and showing it takes the same time to edit the configuration
  • (from the regular posts in this forum) many users don’t know how to unhide it at boot

Agree I see no legitimate reason to hide grub when more than one OS is installed.

That is how OS Prober works, if there is another OS, it forces menu to show, and also forces the timeout to 10 seconds if it is set to 0. Anyway the thread issue doesn’t relate to dual booting.

I think the default is hidden menu with 5 seconds timeout (so basically menu is already there, but you have to wait on a black screen). Just show the menu by default I agree.