Don't have the username I need to get back into my distro

So I haven’t been using my manjaro distro in a long time, but decided it was time to use it as a workspace again. So i booted it up, updated it and restarted my PC. After that I got the messages:
Failed to start Authorization Manager
Dependency failed for modem manager
Failed to start simple Desktop Display Manager
on a black screen instead of getting back in. Now I read that I could get back in with ctrl and F2 but for that I would need my username. Being that I never had to use it to log in after initially setting up manjaro I don’t remember what it is and my last option is to ask here if there is any other way to retrieve it or get back in. I thank you for your help in advance.

TL;DR: Got the attached screen after a large update and can’t get back in cause I forgot my username

log in as user “root” and use the password you used as normal user.
almost everyone uses the option to use the same password for user and root. hope that works.


If you can’t manage to drop to a root shell prompt… then do passwd username to fix it…

Then the next course of action is to boot up a USB and mount a drive, then copy everything you want to backup before doing a fresh install.

If it’s old, then you’d probably be looking for some nightmarish upgrade scenarios anyway… Build it fresh :wink:

Alternately, you can boot into a install disk/usb, mount the drive/partition your install is in with the file manager, look in home of that drive/partition and see the name of the users as it will be the name of the home folder for the users.

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I think you left it botched - those messages is not a sign of a long-time-no-update but more like a maybe-I-figure-it-out-later scenario.

On a rolling release, like Manjaro, it might be better to reinstall from the latest ISO.

A Manjaro user should really review the Stable Update Announcements for each update, at a minimum the first post that describes what changes, any known issues, and any manual intervention.

Any .pacnew files should be reviewed before rebooting.

Search this forum for the error messages, especially solved topics. It might give you an idea what to focus on.

Use root.

If you forgot the password, follow I forgot my password - #4 by Mirdarthos.