Donation to Manjaro using bank transfer?

I have decided to send a small monthly donation to the Manjaro developers, because I don’t want to just take, but also make a small contribution. Since I am unemployed, this can only be a small amount. However, I lack the skills for technical collaboration.
However, I have neither the listed credit cards, nor Paypal available. In my case, only a bank transfer by standing order would come into question. Since I live in Germany, this should not be a problem. Could one of the responsible authorized people here please send me a PM or mail with the bank details for this? An account in Germany would be my preference :wink:


Bank transfer is possible using the Manjaro - Donate link and on the 2nd screen you and choose “Bank transfer” and on the 3rd screen you’ll see the bank details.
(Just showing the 2nd screen and not the 3rd as that contains too much sensitive information)

(I just did next-next without choosing anything so that’s a one-time donation of 23€, you can take from 5€ upwards)

We thank you for your donation! :+1:

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