Dolphin will not remove moved files from view without a manual refresh

When dragging files between different tabs, Dolphin will not update the view from which the file was dragged. As such the file will appear as if it’s still there, until you press F5 to refresh it manually. This does not appear to happen when dragging folders and only occurs with files. I’m using the Wayland Plasma session on Manjaro Linux.

The issue appears to have been introduced with Plasma 5.27.4: I didn’t report it or look for a report as I presumed something this obvious and simple would be noticed and fixed immediately. It still exists in 5.27.5 so I’d like to ask if a report is already open so that I may make one if not.

Steps to reproduce: Open up Dolphin. Press F3 to enable split view. Navigate to a different directory on each side. Hold down shift and drag a file from one view to the other to move it. Result: The moved file will appear in the new window, but it will not disappear from the old one until you refresh manually with F5.

If this is of any help for whoever can help with this, I have noticed this behavior SOMETIMES when using the “open as root” with right click in dolphin, even if I delete files i have to f5 to get the files to disappear.
I have not thought about if it only affect files or not.
Never experienced it as normal user though.

I’ve just tested it on my system here after updating and rebooting, and I cannot reproduce it. It must be something specific at your end.

Did you install any Dolphin add-ons from the AUR or from, perhaps? :thinking:

Note: A move operation within the same filesystem is simply a matter of updating the directory contents. However, a move operation from one filesystem to another involves a copy operation first and the deletion (on the original filesystem) later.

If this physical move pertains to a very large file, then it will take some time for Dolphin to register that the file has indeed completely been moved over to the new location and deleted at the source. The view should then update automatically, but — as I said — this will take some time.

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Are you on the Wayland session of Plasma? This might be WL specific with a few KDE bugs.

As a test I disabled all preview types under General - Previews, even after restarting Dolphin with them off the issue persists. I’m not aware of any addons that could interfere, where can I double-check?

No, I’m using X11. Maybe it is due to Wayland. :thinking:

Well, only you will know whether you’ve installed any add-ons beyond the ones that came installed by default. :man_shrugging:

Have you checked your mb hdmi port (if you have an igpu), log in and connect a monitor to that port and check if it happens again.

I run nvidia, has had so much weird stuff going on (exactly like this f ex, black screen when logging in) so I disabled the gpu on the motherboard, since then I have had zero problems, even with wayland (except for bugs and glitches because it’s not developed completely for nvidia yet).

Maybe an idea if it breaks again for you.

Found out why the issue is so elusive: It only happens with symlinked directories. If you navigate each view to a symlink based folder, you should see the problem when dragging files between the directories.