Dolphin text previews are now unreadable


A functionality of Dolphin that I use a lot is the mouse-hover file preview (toggled by the F11 key). I specially like to use it on text files to avoid the trouble of opening them, and up until recently I managed to do so with no problem. However, recently this began to happen:

If you look closely enough, you can notice that the text preview is in there... but the text is white and thus almost unreadable. It used to be black, but now it is always white.

The qvantum theme has always been there, and this problem persists even if I turn back to the normal one.

Is this a general problem in here? And, though I find it unlikely, is there any immediate fix?


I get the same thing with the Breeze Dark theme, but it displays correctly with the standard Breeze theme. I don't have Qvantum installed and this is running a fully updated Plasma in Arch. Ergo, it's a Breeze Dark bug. One of many. (I did a Google search, and there are a lot) They come and they go. :wink: :frowning:


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Indeed. It affects all the dark themes in general. Well, since I don't have qvantum everywhere and the light themes tend to hurt my eyes I guess I'm sticking to it as is.

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