Dolphin SFTP issues on a certain server

I use sftp on dolphin to connect to remote servers for work and most of the time it works just fine. However a few days ago one server refuses to connect. I connect to the server using a private key but dolphin doesn’t want to ask for the password but it asks for the password on every other one. I just get an “Authentication failed.” error and cannot connect. I couldn’t find any logs and my ssh is configured correctly. I can connect to the server using ssh and sftp from the terminal. Does anyone have any tips on how to debug or fix this issue?

Have you tried adding a username to the connection?


Another possibility is to create a file ~/.ssh/config specifying the properties


Host nick
  Hostname x.y.z.ip
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/ssh.domain.tld
  User hostuser

Host another.server.tld
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/another.server.tld
  User hostuser

If you have several identities without password you may need to insert at the top of the file

Host *
  ForwardAgent yes


The current connection is as follows: sftp://user@customerserver:22/home/user
I have configured ~/.ssh/config and it works just fine for connections over the command line but dolphin does not seem to want to ask for the password of my key and therefore not letting me access the server. It only happens on one server and all the other servers I have are fine. My suspicions are that it has some bad cache somewhere

Have you considered rather using a fuser mount with systemd?

I have 2, with automounts, so it’s not mounted on startup, but on first access, and both work like a charm. See here:

…and here:

I just need temporary access to some servers for work. I don’t want to have them always mounted. SFTP through dolphin works just fine for me. Except for now since it stopped working for the most important one

And that’s where an automout comes in. It remains unmounted, until accessed.

I read that through and I don’t think that’s preferable since I don’t really want to do all that everytime I need to connect to a new server. I just want a simple way to get to the customer’s server and that’s why I use dolphin’s internal SFTP.

That’s the thing. You don’t ro everything every time you want to connect. You do the setup once, and it keeps on working.

I think that i might’ve found the cause of the issue. Kate thought that a file on that customer’s server might’ve been open and prompted me for a password and then I declined. I think that it might’ve left some cache somewhere to always decline the password prompt for that sftp connection. Any tips to fix that?

Sorry,but none.


I use Doplhin to connect to SFTP the same way as you. It suits me to the max. But I’ve been dealing with the same problem for about a month. Do you already know how to fix it? Thank You.

Sadly not. I think it might have to do something with some cache issues. However I havent found where or what cache