Dolphin: Menubar "no text" Items


i am using Dolphin Version 21.04.3 with KDE Plasma.

In the Menubar i have the following items.

[ "No text", "No text", "No text", "No text", "No text", Settings, Help ]

How can I fix this bug?

This is most likely a theme issue - try switching to the Breath2 theme - check if it is solved.

I tested it with Breath2 and Breat2 2021 nothing changed.

When I hide the menubar and open it the burger menu, the item text will be displayed corretly.

@Dommmeee You can try by deleting (or just backing up) the dolphinrc file to see if it helps:

mv ~/.config/dolphinrc ~/.config/dolphinrc.bak

If it is of no use then revert back,

mv ~/.config/dolphinrc.bak ~/.config/dolphinrc


With version 21.08.0 the bug it’s gone.

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