Dolphin has white theme no matter what settings I try

After the recent update dolphin turned white. I have installed qt5ct and kvantum, configured them but nothing helps. I also installed the KDE control panel to change the global KDE theme settings but still no luck. What is causing dolphin to be white? When I played with the qt5ct and kvantum settings I managed to occasionally get every other file with black background on list view but other than that the application GUI stays white.

Is there some way to totallly reset theme settings that may affect dolphin? I don’t care at this point if I lose every other theme setting on my system.

I am using XFCE4 but I also tried dolphin on KDE plasma DE, same issue persists there, you can’t change its theme.

qt5ct is for managing qt theming on non-qt desktops.
kvantum is a qt theming engine.
(so, you can use qt5ct to have qt themed by kvantum, and select theming in kvantum settings)

I have no idea how this is configured for you, or whether it is done correctly.

But I can tell you that dolphin readily changes appearance when changing themes or color-schemes in Plasma.

Thank you, I managed to reset the themes by following your link and removing the kvantum configuration files at ~/.config/Kvantum/kvantum.kvconfig

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