Dolphin "Empty trash" option disabled


I’m using Manjaro KDE Plasma and Dolphin.
I can’t use the option “Empty trash” in the Trash context menu because it’s usually disabled.

If I select the Trash I see there are files.
I can select those files and delete them without a problem.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

I’m really confused.
Sometimes this option is enabled and sometimes it’s not.
I haven’t figured out when it’s one or the other.

Not sure about this but you can try modifying the trash location to trash:/ by Right click on Trash icon > Edit…

Thanks but that’s the location I have now.
Today I’ve seen that I have the same problem on a different computer with the same configuration … Manjaro …
KDE Plasma version 5.24.5,
Frameworks 5.94,
Qt 5.15.4,
Kernel 5.15.41-1
I’m afraid I don’t know when it started to happen, I mean after some update.